How to pay

How do I Place An Order?

Order Now!
Once you've selected the perfect gift, placing an order is easy. Just click "Add to basket" and you're on your way.

Do You Have a Personal Account?
After you click "Add to basket" you'll be asked to identify whether you have a personal account. If you have a personal account and have not signed in, select the checkbox "I Have a Personal Account" to login and access your stored information. Note: You don't need an Personal Account to place an order.

Secure Order Processing
Order processing is encrypted for all of our customers who have browsers that are capable of transmitting or receiving encrypted data. If your Web browser does not support encryption, you will be offered the option of using a non-encrypted order form, or you may place your order by phone (86+10+51663450 EXT 16).

Personal Account Customers
If you have an Personal Account, billing information will be automatically entered onto the order form. Recipient information will also be entered, if you selected a name from your online address book. Also, you can be reminded about this occasion again through our reminder service and calendar. Open an Personal Account today and enjoy the benefits!

Use Your Address Book Personal Account customers who have entries in an online address book will be prompted to select a recipient from a list. If the recipient is not listed, remember to add the person to your address book when you enter the recipient's information.

Multiple Transactions
You can send the same product to more than one recipient. Simply submit the order and return to the order form from the confirmation page. All recipient information will be erased for the submission of your next order.

Confirming Your Order

Once you submit your order, an instant acknowledgment page will be returned that includes your total charges and your order number. Please print the acknowledgment page for your records.

You'll receive e-mail from within a few hours of order placement. This confirms that we have received and accepted your order.

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